The blue pearl of the Adriatic

Discover Rovinj

Coastal Istria’s star attraction, the blue pearl of the entire peninsula, Rovinj is the most picturesque and romantic town on the western coast. It has been popular with tourists ever since the 1970’s. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of actual sights, Rovinj will still find its way to your heart. The old town was built on an island which was connected to the land in the 18th century, webbed with steep cobbled streets and small squares, and punctuated by a tall church tower rising from the highest point. Let your mind wander as you discover this beautiful fishing port and its surrounding islands and islets.

Things to do

Museums and galleries

Rovinj is a town better known for its hospitality and not for its monuments and museums, but there are still pearls to be discovered in its few museums and galleries. You can discover the town’s history in the Rovinj City Museum. Make sure to visit the Batana House Eco Museum as well if you’re interested in fishing and would like to know more about batanas – the flat-bottomed wooden boats of Rovinj. For those who want to get lost in the beauty of art, various galleries can be found around town, such as the Adris Gallery, the Trani Gallery, and the Batana Centre of Visual Arts. If you’d like to experience the entire Croatia but don’t have the time and you find yourself in Rovinj, make sure to visit the Mini Croatia Park. Enjoy a nice half-hour walk through the park as you discover the entire country without travelling. Those who like fish will also like the Rovinj Aquarium, dedicated to the flora and fauna of the Adriatic Sea.


Some might seem inaccessible, and others are suitable for families with children, but they all have one thing in common – they’re clean and, all in all, beautiful. If you have children, the Polari Beach located four kilometres from the town centre is perfect for you, but if you’re hot and want quick refreshment in the sea close to the centre, the Monte Beach is the perfect pick. If you’re ready to go exploring the coast and are not afraid of rocky and seemingly inaccessible beaches, you might be rewarded with an empty beach, making you the king or queen for the day. There is also the Lone Bay, located just fifteen minutes from the centre on foot near the entrance of the protected forest park Golden Cape. If big crowds don’t bother you, then this is the perfect beach for you. Stop for a quick swim after exploring the Golden Cape.


Surrounded by twenty-two islands and islets, the nickname of the most picturesque town of the Croatian coast serves Rovinj right. The Red Island, consisting of two artificially connected islands, is one of the most renowned tourist locations. Filled with stony beaches and dense Mediterranean underbrush, this island is perfect for relaxing. The island offers numerous other services, such as a restaurant, a pool, miniature golf courses, a diver centre, and many more. A small part of the shore near the little port is covered in gravel, making it perfect for children and seniors. The St Catherina Island is known as one of the most beautiful islands of Rovinj’s archipelago, filled with irresistible nature. The stony beaches with accessible and attractive bays, and a large number of available services, make this island perfect both for relaxing and for fun. You can rent windsurfing equipment, use the beach volleyball ground, the sandpit for children, and there are many other services that are ensured to give you an interesting and pleasant stay. The Forest Park Golden Cape will charm you for sure. Take a stroll, go running, cycling, and swimming, and bask in the beauty of protected nature.


For those who want to discover more about the Catholic religion or just want to enjoy the beautiful church architecture, the Church of St Euphemia, the Baptismal Font of the Holy Spirit, and the Franciscan Monastery are the perfect fit. Let your mind wander as you take in the sights of great spiritual and religious value.


In the early Middle Ages two towns existed here, of which only one, Dvigrad (Duecastelli), was populated throughout the entire medieval period until the 17th century. The town with two rings of walls, several ramparts and remains of the early Christian church of St Sophia will be, just for short, awaken again with sounds of this early music festival.

Top places to eat

There are many various places you could visit, depending on what type of food you want to eat. If you want something Mediterranean, check Ulika or Barba Danilo. If you’re more interested in local Istrian food, restaurants such as Puntulina, Maestral, and Monte have you covered. In case you’re craving pizza, Pizzeria Da Sergio is the perfect place for you.

Top places to sleep

Rovinj offers an assortment of different accommodation, such as beautiful hotels, family guesthouses, and campsites – this town has everything you need for a good night’s rest of your choosing.


Apartments & Room Antea offers accommodation in Rovinj. Every room has a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Every room includes a private bathroom. For your comfort, you will find free toiletries and a hair dryer. Apartments & Room Antea features free WiFi throughout the property.

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B & B

Bella Natka Bed and Breakfast features accommodation with a terrace and free WiFi. Rovinj Heritage Museum is 70 m from the bed and breakfast. The nearest airport is Pula Airport, 40 km from the property.

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Hotel Monte Mulini is a 20-minute walk away from Rovinj’s town centre. It is surrounded by a lush, centuries-old protected nature park and overlooks a bay.

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Getting around

Rent a bike or a car, go on foot, or call a taxi if you want to get around Rovinj. There are taxi boats in the Delfin bay waiting to take you to the islands. No matter your favoured transportation, make sure to look around as you go from one place to the other.

Bus routes from and to Rovinj

Routes Stops
From Pula to Munich Pula –Rovinj – Poreč – Novigrad – Umag – GP Kaštel (border crossing) – Trieste – Ljubljana – Bled – Villach – Salzburg – Munich
From Salzburg to Pula Salzburg  – Villach –  BledLjubljanaTrieste – GP Kaštel (border crossing)  – Umag – Novigrad – PorečRovinj – Pula
From Pula to Salzburg PulaRovinj– Poreč – Novigrad – Umag – GP Kaštel (border crossing) – TriesteLjubljana – Bled – Villach – Salzburg
From Pula to Ljubljana PulaRovinj– Poreč – Novigrad – Umag – GP Kaštel (border crossing) – TriesteLjubljana
From Pula to Frankfurt PulaRovinj– Poreč – Novigrad – Umag – GP Kaštel (border crossing) – TriesteLjubljana– Bled – Villach – Salzburg –Munich – Augsburg – Ulm – Stuttgart – Karlsruhe – Mannheim –  Frankfurt Airport – Frankfurt
From Pula to Bled PulaRovinj– Poreč – Novigrad – Umag – GP Kaštel (border crossing) – TriesteLjubljana– Bled 
From Munich to Pula Munich – Salzburg – Villach – BledLjubljana– Trieste– GP Kaštel (border crossing)  – Umag – Novigrad – PorečRovinj– Pula
From Ljubljana to Pula Ljubljana Trieste – GP Kaštel (border crossing)  – Umag – Novigrad – PorečRovinj – Pula
From Frankfurt to Pula Frankfurt –  Frankfurt Airport – Mannheim – Karlsruhe – Stuttgart – Ulm – Augsburg –  Munich –  Salzburg  – Villach –  BledLjubljana– Trieste – GP Kaštel (border crossing)  – Umag – Novigrad – PorečRovinj – Pula
From Bled to Pula BledLjubljana – Trieste – GP Kaštel (border crossing)  – Umag – Novigrad – PorečRovinj – Pula