Marathons and half marathons to attend this autumn

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Publication date28.01.2020

When summer heat comes to an end and temperatures get more runner-friendly it can only mean one thing – it’s marathon season! There’s something magical about running at spectacular locations with great support from spectators. It gives the runners that extra boost to make it to the finish line.

Let’s run (pun intended!) through the list of marathons taking place this autumn together. Ready? Set, go!

Budapest and Villach

We’re starting this autumn marathon season on the second Sunday in September with two half marathons. Run your 21k on 8th September in the streets of Budapest or Villach. 21k runs are very popular since they do not require as much physical preparation as the full marathons. So even if you’re not a professional runner, you should be able to complete it with a little practice.


Run through Roman history in Pula, Croatia on 22nd September 2019! It’s a relatively new race that was first organized 5 years ago under the name of Pula X Race. X stands for the Roman numeral 10, as it was originally a 10k run. Throughout the years a 5k, 21k, 42k, a relay and kids races were added and Pula Marathon became a charming all-weekend event for the whole family.

Budapest, take 2, and Ulm

29th September is a double marathon weekend. One is in Budapest , Hungary and the other in Ulm, Germany. While the Budapest marathon is essentially a running sightseeing tour of the city, there will be 42 bands cheering you on and motivating you on your run alongside Ulm Einstein Marathon track. Tough call, right? Too bad you can’t attend both. ????

Munich, Zagreb and Graz

If you think deciding on where to run on the last weekend in September is tough, try choosing one on 13th October! There are not two, but three marathons taking place in three spectacular cities: Munich, Zagreb and Graz. It’s hard to pick a winner among these three. There are thousands of runners and many more spectators at each of them, so great atmosphere is guaranteed no matter which city you choose.

Venice, Ljubljana and Frankfurt

We’re finishing off with another triple marathon weekend on 27th October. Run between art, history and water in Venice, race through the streets of Ljubljana, one of the greenest capitals of Europe, or join the perfect marathon party in Frankfurt. It’s up to you to select one and complete the race as fast as possible.

If you haven’t registered for your autumn race yet, hurry up! The sooner you do, the bigger the discount. No matter which race you will attend, being well-rested on the day of the run is a key ingredient for a top performance. Book your ride to the marathon with Nomago InterCity bus and travel there comfortably, stress-free and be ready to set some records. Nomago is rooting for you!

Publication date17.07.2019