Ljubljana (LJU) Airport and transfers

Discover Ljubljana (LJU) Airport and transfers

Ljubljana airport is situated some 20 km north of Ljubljana. Previously known as Brnik Airport, recently it has been renamed to Joze Pucnik Airport, after a contemporary Slovenian statesman.
Choose from more than 260 weekly flights to altogether 27 European destinations, which are provided by 12 regular airlines.

Bus routes to Ljubljana Airport

Routes Journey Time
Ljubljana (Bus station) – Ljubljana Airport – Ljubljana (Bus station) 40 minutes

Flight delay at Ljubljana airport?

Flights can be delayed or changed anywhere, so that can happen at Ljubljana airport, as well. Usually there is nothing you can do about your subsequent transfer. Our call center is always available at +386 1 431 7777 to help you find as quick as possible your way home or to your hotel.

If you’re stuck at the airport waiting for a delaying outbound flight, check out the available facilities on the interactive map, where you can find the nearest café, shop, or airline ticket office to help you find your bearings.

At the airport


In the departure hall of Ljubljana airport, you will find a cafe serving croissants, sandwiches and pizza’s, and offer your last chance for a famous Slovenian “gibanica” or Union beer from the tap. There is also a souvenir shop, exchange office, restaurant, self-service restaurant and a bar.

In the international zone you can find Duty Free shops that offer a selection of alcoholic drinks, local and foreign wines, tobacco products, cosmetics etc. Business class passengers are entitled to a self-service bar (drinks and snacks are free of charge) a selection of Slovenian and foreign newspapers TV telephone, facsimile, internet screens offering up-to-the minute information about departures.


European airport security might not be as stringent as in the US, but controls have to be done and we always suggest to come to the airport on time in order to go through the security checks without pressure of missing your flight.

When to arrive

For any international flight departing from Ljubljana Airport, make sure to arrive at check in at least 2 hours before the scheduled flight time. Check-in closes 20 minutes before departure.

Key contact details

Telephone: +386 (0)4 20 61 000

Passenger information: +386 (0)4 20 61 981


Frequently asked questions

Can I buy my ticket to Ljubljana Airport from the Nomago InterCity driver?

It is possible, but be advised, the transfer bus sometimes arrives full and driver won’t be in a position to sell you a ticket. We strongly recommend you purchase your tickets well in advance to reserve your seats. You can also download the Nomago mobile app and purchase your tickets there, so that you avoid printing and carrying physical tickets (just be sure to have some power left in your phone as you’re ready to board).

What happens if my flight is canceled after I already purchased transfer tickets?

Your airline or travel insurance may reimburse your transfer ticket costs. Please, advise with them to get information if that reimbursement is covered by insurance.

I’m heading to the airport to catch a flight. Which transfer should I take?

You should always aim to take a bus which will arrive at the airport no less than 2,5 hours before your flight. In that case, all potential delays will be taken into the consideration and you will be at the airport within the 2 hours time frame before the flight.

I have a different question or problem with my transfer.

For all other questions, do not hesitate to contact our call center at +386 1 431 7777 and we’ll do all we can to answer or help out as much as we can.