Come along to celebrate Advent!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s finally time to start celebrating! Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without shining lights, decorated trees and the smell of freshly baked cookies in the air. That and even more awaits you at the traditional Christmas markets. Vienna, Budapest, Graz, or Zagreb – the choice is yours!



Fairytale, magical, like in the most beautiful dreams. All this describes what it’s like to be in Vienna during the holidays! The advent in Vienna is a unique opportunity that you should not miss, book your place now!

Zagreb – Vienna from 13,94 €  >



Did you know that Budapest has now officially been declared the most beautiful Advent in Europe! You really shouldn’t miss it, book your ticket on time!

Zagreb – Budapest from 13,94 €  >



Graz – the city of shopping, but also of holiday joy! Decide to go to the Advent in Graz and indulge in the Christmas spirit!

Zagreb – Graz from 11,28 €  >



Do you want to head to a great advent? You can travel to the the capital of Croatia from Vienna, Graz, Maribor and Budapest in the blink of an eye – visit the Advent in Zagreb, where fragrant cookies and delicious Christmas dishes await you!

Vienna – Zagreb from 13,94 €  >