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Discover Bus transfer from Maribor to Venice

You want to spend a romantic weekend in old part of Venice or you are getting ready to fly from one of Venice airports? Our goal on your journey from Maribor to Venice is to make your travel as comfortable as possible, therefore we’ve removed a row of seats from our buses to get extra legroom and offer free Wi-Fi and charging outlets to all our passengers. While you travel with us, you can surf the internet, take a nap, or look out the window and enjoy the beautiful views. The line offers 2 daily departures with prices are starting from 15.99 EUR.

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Services & stops

The route departs from Maribor bus station at 02:41 and 12:20. Journey takes between six and six and a half hours. The bus stops to pick up passengers at 5 or 6 stations during your journey. These stops don’t have planned breaks, but if the bus runs ahead of schedule, you’ll be able to stretch your legs at these stations.

Departing from Maribor

While waiting to depart to Venice, the Maribor main bus station has plenty to keep you occupied and comfortable. Grab a coffee and get yourself something to eat before your long journey. You can get to the station by public transportation, on foot or by taxi. Find more information about the Maribor.

Arriving on Venice Tronchetto

Local weather


Venice – the world renowned city on water. Weather you are in Venice just to fly somewhere else or to embark on a cruise ship, it is always worth spending a day in the oldest part of Venice.

From bus station you have a 5 minute walk to either tram or water taxi, which will take you directly to the old part of the city.

More information about Venice.

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