BenefitsThe right class and amenities for any preference

The right class and amenities for any preference

To ensure the best possible experience on your travels, you can select to right in the Economy, Premium, or Family class.

Kick back in economy class and relax watching a movie or reading with your electronics plugged in and connected to WiFi. The Premium class with its luxurious seats and even more leg space offer unparalleled comfort, and the Family class was designed with families and groups in mind, featuring rows of seats that face each other across a table. Compare products.

Safety first

Professional drivers and new vehicles ensure safety of all travellers.

There are a thousand ways to pay someone to drive you places today. Fewer than you'd think are regulated appropriately. As a bus shuttle service, we embrace the driver training and licensing requirements, as well as strict daily hours-driven limitations – all crucial measures to get you to your destination safely.

Best seats in the house

Choose the most comfortable seat – in our economy, premium, or family&friends class.

Sometimes, getting there takes time. No amount of pitstops and stretching can fix uncomfortable seats, lack of leg room, or feeling packed elbow to elbow with fellow passengers. When we add vehicles to our fleet, our first priority is your comfort and personal space.